Inductive ‘Candle’ Charges Wirelessly

One might argue that with their potential fire danger, and the widespread availability of high-efficiency LEDs, that candles no longer have a place in our modern world. While that point is certainly up for debate, you might consider instead combining the two worlds — along with wireless inductive charging — to an LED ‘candle’ like the one shown here by creator ‘gzumwalt.’

The device features the form factor of an antique candle and holder, but rather than being powered by a small flame, it recycles a flickering LED from a tea light in order to produce photons. The build can run for days between charges, and when it’s time to add more juice, you simply put it on a charging pad. This turns the candle off via a magnet and reed switch setup, and after a few hours of induction, it’s ready to shine, and shine, and shine.

The secret to this, of course, is a pair of inductive coils. One is situated in the base unit, while the other resides in the 3D-printed candle model, which charges a LiPo battery. This ‘always on’ operation would provide a nice reminder to keep the light charged, and such a setup would be good for emergencies — a little bit of light that’s always ready to go!

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Original article: Inductive ‘Candle’ Charges Wirelessly
Author: Jeremy S. Cook