Light-Up Ramen Dish Looks Delicious — Definitely Not Edible

Light-Up Ramen Dish Looks Delicious — Definitely Not Edible

Cheap ramen noodles are a staple of college students, and while these food-bricks get tiresome to many, “ramenkingandi” still enjoys the noodles, though in the form of better quality noodles cooked at an actual restaurant. After noticing that an inexpensive lamp in the corner of her living room looked like the bowls they use at her favorite noodle joint, the idea was born to turn it into a light-up bowl of ramen, complete with a boiled egg, seaweed, and meat.

If you’re wondering how sanitary eating off of a former lamp is, the build isn’t actually meant to be edible at all, with everything made out of clay and other non-food elements. The device is really well done, however, and even includes fake chopsticks suspended above the bowl to evoke someone currently eating the dish.

To form the ramen lamp, the original store-bough unit is first deconstructed, removing light socket and replacing this source of light with a strip of LEDs. These LEDs create a nice diffuse light coming out of the bowl section, and the visible “ingredients” were concealed on the side with a layer of paint. While the build’s electronics are fairly simple, one could see the static strip being replaced with programmable LEDs. One could even implement a microcontroller and sensors to react to the environment if you wanted to make things more interactive.

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Original article: Light-Up Ramen Dish Looks Delicious — Definitely Not Edible
Author: Jeremy S. Cook