An Electric “Fly-By-Wire” Go-Kart

Building and driving go-karts can be a fun pursuit for kids and adults alike, but few have an electric vehicle like the one shown in the video below by David Traum. While the clip below is in German, if you don’t speak the language, a translated write-up on the car can be found here to explain what’s going on.

The go-kart is powered by a 500W main motor, which allows it to travel at 35 kilometers per hour (just over 20 mph), with a range of 10 to 15 km (~ 6 to 9 miles). Perhaps the most interesting part of this vehicle though is that its steering is actuated by a stepper motor, allowing control via a small joystick.

In addition, a wireless steering wheel is implemented. This can be used to drive it remotely, or it even plugs into a socket in the car itself for a sort of universal controller as needed. An Arduino Mega serves as the “brains” of the unit, and a mechanical brake is also included in case something malfunctions.

Other accessories consist of a 40W solar cell to help keep its two 12V batteries charged, a GPS module for measuring speed and the journey’s course, and a linear actuator to change the seat’s position. A helmet would likely be a good idea as well, since it looks pretty speedy when it takes off after the 7:00 mark in the video!

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Original article: An Electric “Fly-By-Wire” Go-Kart
Author: Jeremy S. Cook