Salty Rage Quit Your Favorite Game with Actual Salt

Quitting when loosing a game is a technique likely as old as gaming itself. Sure, your parents said to “finish what you started,” but surely that doesn’t include getting beaten down in League of Legends by some random n00b when you’re clearly much better. You could go through the hassle of typing in the appropriate keyboard commands to give an “appropriate” farewell address, then figuratively (or literally) pull the cord on the connection, but now you don’t have to. You can express your salty rage simply by pouring salt in a glass of water.

This clever hack by YouTube channel Insert Controller Here makes this possible via a glass of water augmented with an Arduino Pro Micro. The board is able to sense the salinity of the water inside via two probes made out of screws inserted into holes drilled in the bottom of the glass. These are sealed with a gasket/washer assembly, using a pair of wires that complete the connection to the dev board. Now when the board senses this change — from around 150k ohm without salt, to more like 6k ohm with a huge serving of sodium chloride added, it sends the appropriate signal to your favorite game via the Pro Micro’s USB HID ability.

Be sure to check out the “promo” video for this novel controller in the first clip below, and more about how it was made in the second.

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Original article: Salty Rage Quit Your Favorite Game with Actual Salt
Author: Jeremy S. Cook