Celebrate Your Inner Tony Stark with This Arc Reactor Badge

There is a huge overlap between geekdom, nerdom, and fandom. That means that if you like technology, gadgets, and making, then you probably also like comics. Of all the characters to come out of comic books and movies, Tony Stark is probably the favorite among geeks. Using just his intelligence and a few crude tools, he constructed his suit in Iron Man. Then, using just his intelligence and vast wealth, he proceeded to invent all kinds of other technologies. Of those, the wearable arc reactor was probably the most iconic, and now you can have it as a badge.

This badge was designed by TwinkleTwinkie for DEF CON 27, and it certainly looks the part. The badge has a whole bunch of LEDs for displaying all sorts of different animations and effects. The default is, of course, the classic glowing blue that is mandatory for an arc reactor-themed badge. But there are also an additional 29 display modes for creating all kinds of nifty effects. The badge also includes an SAO (Shitty Add-On) that looks like the gauntlet from the Avengers series.

Unlike many other indie badges, the Arc Badge doesn’t have any functions other than the lighting effects. That keeps things simple, and the only input on the entire badge is a single button for switching between those effects. The badge is powered by two AA batteries, and includes a lanyard so you can wear it to DEF CON. You’ll also receive a reject top PCB board with your order, which you can use as a coaster. The Arc Badge, with the included Gauntlet SAO, costs $90 through Tindie. DEF CON 27 is only a little over a month away, so be sure to order your Arc Badge soon!

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Original article: Celebrate Your Inner Tony Stark with This Arc Reactor Badge
Author: Cameron Coward