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Urgent/11 IoT Zero-Day Security Flaw Poses Threat

Security around Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been a growing area of concern for years.

SolidMaker Is Another Affordable SLA 3D Printer for High-Quality Models

Until recently, virtually all consumer 3D printers for hobbyists utilized fused-filament fabrication (FFF) technology. The FFF

7 IoT Adoption Insights from the Microsoft IoT Signals Report

To get a sense of where we are now with IoT adoption, one can try to

Bad Dog Designs Sells Some of the Coolest Nixie Tube Clocks in the World

We’re no stranger to Nixie tube clocks here at Hackster, and we’re also amazed by creative

Highlights from the 2019 INCOSE Symposium

Last week, the 2019 INCOSE Symposium in Orlando brought together over 800 attendees from across engineering

Amplify Framework Update – Quickly Add Machine Learning Capabilities to Your Web and Mobile Apps

At AWS, we want to put machine learning in the hands of every developer. For example,

This Real Minecraft Chest Can Be Opened with a MagiQuest Wand

MagiQuest is a “live action role-playing game in which players take the role of magic users.”

Why the Network Is Central to IoT Security

The case highlights the problematic nature of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ingenious ways

Commercial IoT startup Rigado sells Bluetooth tech to Swiss wireless company u-blox

It has amassed more than 300 customers around the world for its edge-as-service products and connected

Harver is on the Way to Reinvent High-Volume Hiring with $15M Series B Funding

A leading pre-employment assessment platform Harver has raised $15M in Series B funding led by Insight