Cloud connected IoT Weather Balloon

Cloud connected IoT Weather Balloon

Two weeks ago a group of friends launched a weather balloon that used LoRa radio to maintain a connection to the Azure Cloud. Our payload contained a Raspberry Pi and Arduino. We received data over 100,000 feet and a range of 25 miles. We implemented the Azure IoT reference architecture. The balloon and tracker devices were IoT Edge devices.

We did a flight a few years ago and wanted a better way of tracking the balloon. We wanted to know where the balloon was in real-time and then be able to predict where it would land. Our balloon ran code to detect it’s current state, calculated flight ascent rate, descent rate and burst altitude. Services running in Azure showed us the data with dashboards. We generated predictions and sent the prediction and location via SMS to the chase teams.

We had some issues with temperature that caused gps fix being lost. But using the balloon location and the predictions we were able to chase the balloon very effectively. We were within 1.6 miles when it landed.

Yellow = balloon | Black = Chase Teams

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