HackEEG Is an Arduino Due Shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG Applications

Electronic engineer Adam Feuer is getting ready to launch a new Arduino Due shield capable of reading EEG, EMG, EKG, and other bio-based electrical signals. What’s more, the onboard SoC offers very low noise and is sensitive enough to read microvolts. Feuer’s HackEEG has gone through a few iterations over four years, and are being used to research institutions and pharmaceutical companies all over the globe. While the current version can be used at the professional level, it’s also designed to be easily used by engineers and makers alike.

The HackEEG Shield is outfitted with a TI ADS1299 EEG SoC, can read EEG, EMG, and EKG signals, and can be stacked four boards deep for up to 32 EEG channels. (📷: Adam Feuer)

On the features side, the HackEEG is equipped with Texas Instrument’s low-noise, 8-channel, 24-bit ADS1299 EEG ADC SoC, and offers an on-chip 1–24x programmable gain amplifier, and SPI EEPROM for storing configurable data. The shield provides jumpers for configuring data and control lines to the Arduino Due, uses DMA drivers capable of reading 8-channels of ADC data (@ up to 8000 samples per second @ 24-bit resolution), is capable of single-ended or differential inputs, and includes USB 2.0 HS (480mbps) when coupled with the Arduino Due.

Connector boards with DIN 42–802 medical electrode connectors or screw terminals are compatible with the HackEEG shield. (📷 Adam Feuer)

Users aren’t limited to using a single HackEEG shield either, as up to four of the boards can be connected, providing a total of 32 EEG channels. The board can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, and data garnered from the shield can be streamed over the internet using a USB-connected phone or laptop.

Don’t have, or want to use an Arduino Due? No problem, the HackEEG is outfitted with voltage level shifters on the board, allowing it to be used with an Arduino Mega as well. Feuer has uploaded documentation for the previous versions of the HackEEG on his GitHub page, but it’s uncertain at this point if the information will change when the shield’s Crowd Supply campaign goes live, although there’s no word yet on when that will happen.

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Original article: HackEEG Is an Arduino Due Shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG Applications
Author: Cabe Atwell