PiXXL Cube Is a Raspberry Pi-Powered, Six-Sided Display

LED matrices allow the creation of all kind of colorful projects, revealing static images, animations, and more. You can even coordinate lighting among more than one matrix for some more fun. Normally multi-matrix displays shine in the same plane, however, the Raspberry Pi-based PiXXL Cube, by Budapest, Hungary startup Pirategames, takes things well into the third dimension, covering each its six sides with its own display.

Such a cube could be used for advertising or as a prop, but as shown in the video below, they’ve implemented a puzzle game on it to take advantage of its geometry. The game — which was exhibited at this year’s E3 conference — invites players to move an LED “marble” from its start position on top, to its goal at the bottom, rolling though a maze that extends to each face. Tilting the cube causes movement in the direction of gravity, presumably using an internal accelerometer for sensing.

Pirategames is currently working to improve the device from its 32×32 matrix design to one that uses 64×64 pixel screens. They also intend to implement a microphone and speaker, as well as cube-to-cube communication, and even downloadable content. While the PiXXL Cube is not for sale, they’re looking for investors to help them take it to market, so perhaps you’ll see a version near you in the future!

[h/t: TechSpot]

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Original article: PiXXL Cube Is a Raspberry Pi-Powered, Six-Sided Display
Author: Jeremy S. Cook