PiVoyager Is a Smart UPS for the Raspberry Pi

Omzlo Electronics has developed a smart UPS for any Raspberry Pi with a 40-pin header and works with both Li-Ion and LiPo batteries. The PiVoyager is designed to function as a Pi Zero pHAT and incorporates a programmable watchdog (for I2C and GPIO), automatic restart, and a real-time calendar.

The PiVoyager features a Microchip MCP73871 LiPo/Li-Ion charger, a TI TPS61232 boost converter, and an STM32F030 Arm Cortex-M0 microcontroller. (📷: Omzlo)

“The PiVoyager is a UPS for the Raspberry Pi. If plugged to a USB power source (USB micro-B) and a Li-Ion/LiPo battery, it will both power your Raspberry Pi and charge the battery if needed. If USB power is removed, the PiVoyager automatically switches to the battery and continues to power the Raspberry Pi at 5V, thanks to its boost converter.”

The PiVoyager is outfitted with an STM32F030 Arm Cortex-M0 microcontroller, a Microchip MCP73871 Li-Po/Li-Ion charger, and Texas Instrument’s TPS61232 high-efficiency boost converter (@ up to 2.1A). The board offers UPS status monitoring, giving users a wealth of data, including what kind of power is being supplied (USB or battery), current voltage, and current date/time (among a host of others).

The PiVoyager is equipped with several LED indicators, shutdown/reset button, a 40-pin GPIO header, and a JST PH battery connector. (📷: Omzlo)

Additional features include a programmable GPIO watchdog that monitors I2C commands and shuts down power to the board when those commands come. There’s also a programmable wake-up alarm, used to wake the Raspberry Pi at designated times, as well as a programmable wake-up delay option to restart the Pi once it has shut down. The PiVoyager even has an automatic shutdown option that engages after 60-seconds if the board is battery powered and the voltage drops below 3.1V. There’s no word yet on price or when the board will become available; however, more details can be found on the PiVoyager’s product page.

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Original article: PiVoyager Is a Smart UPS for the Raspberry Pi
Author: Cabe Atwell