This Is as Compact as Raspberry Pi Servers Get

The Raspberry Pi line of single-board computers (SBCs) are already impressively small — that and the price are the reason they’re so popular. The Raspberry Pi Zero W, in particular, is one of the smallest and cheapest fully-functional computer on the consumer market. But after adding an enclosure and a power supply, they end up being quite a bit larger. That’s why NODE has designed the Nano Server V2 to be as compact as physically possible, all while maintaining normal functionality.

The original NODE Nano Server design files were released almost a year ago, and it was intended to do the same thing: make a powered Raspberry Pi Zero W as small as possible. It did that very well, but the new version is even more compact. It’s built to be plugged directly into a USB wall charger, specifically the RS Pro 5V 1A USB Adapter that comes with interchangeable plugs for the UK, US, and EU.

The only other parts you’ll need, other than the Raspberry Pi Zero W itself, are a right-angle USB-A connector, two 8.2mm spring-loaded Pogo pins, two M2.5 x 16mm machine screw, the 3D-printed bridge, and the small custom PCB. That PCB’s only purpose is to connect the power pins of the USB connector to the two Pogo pins. When fitted into the 3D-printed bridge, the Pogo pins will push up against the 5V and ground pads on the Raspberry Pi Zero W to provide power. The entire NODE Nano Server V2 is hardly any larger than a typical wall wart, and is perfect for use as an unobtrusive Raspberry Pi server.

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Original article: This Is as Compact as Raspberry Pi Servers Get
Author: Cameron Coward