Raspberry Pi-Powered Movie Clapperboard Prints Mini Posters

Hacker gocivici enjoys movies. So much so, in fact, that he keeps his ticket stubs and attaches them to his journal. While that’s a neat keepsake to look back on, he thought that it would be even better if the movie tickets had an accompanying movie poster to help bring back cinematic memories at a glance. This became the inspiration for his Movie Tracker clapperboard, which uses a Raspberry Pi and thermal printer to produce actual (miniature) movie posters from upcoming films in your region.

His custom device is made out of 3D-printed parts, which he painted mostly black, with the exception of clapping lever that’s masked off in a striped pattern. The moving clapper section is held up with a piece of bent tin, and when forcefully pushed donw, it makes a nice “smack” sound, and triggers the electronics via a single interface button.

Movie art and the release date is pulled from TMDb — The Movie Database — by the on board Raspberry Pi 3. While this works well, gocivici notes that a Zero [W] would be better because of its small size. Magnets mounted inside the 3D-printed unit allow the mini posters to be attached for display, and an LED on the back provides subtle ambiance.

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Original article: Raspberry Pi-Powered Movie Clapperboard Prints Mini Posters
Author: Jeremy S. Cook