Play Your Vinyl Records Without a Turntable

Vinyl records have made a huge comeback in recent years. That’s partly due to the fact that they’re cool and nostalgic, and partly because they sound fantastic. There is also something very engaging about loading up some vinyl that just doesn’t happen when you choose a song on your smartphone. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find vintage vinyl records in good condition — and even harder to keep them that way. That’s why redditor sp_cecamp designed Plynth, which is a device for playing vinyl records without touching a turntable.

The Plynth device is a small, unobtrusive stand that holds vinyl record covers upright. When you place a record on the stand, it automatically starts playing the album through whatever speakers you have connected. It works using computer vision running on a Raspberry Pi. When a record is placed on the Plynth stand, a camera scans the cover. The album is then identified, and is played from whatever music streaming service you have linked. And Plynth doesn’t just work with vinyl records, it can be used with pretty much anything. That includes CDs, cassette tapes, and even custom artwork or photos if you link a corresponding song, album, or playlist.

Plynth is not a consumer product, at least not yet. User sp_cecamp also hasn’t released any of the code or design files. But Plynth is generating a lot of buzz over on Reddit, so it’s entirely possible it will end up being sold as some sort of kit or assembled device. As it stands, it’s simply a cool project to admire and draw inspiration from. If you have experience with machine vision, it would be a pretty simple job to recreate Plynth yourself. Or, just express your interest by signing up for updates on the Plynth website and maybe you’ll be able to purchase one soon.

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Original article: Play Your Vinyl Records Without a Turntable
Author: Cameron Coward