Strawberry4Pi 2 Launches on Kickstarter

In 2017, the IoT was estimated to be worth $235 billion, and it has only grown since then. Despite that, nobody can quite agree on what the best way for consumers to implement IoT at home is. It’s simple enough if you just want a smart thermostat or security camera, because those are common use cases. But the consumer paradigm falls apart as soon as you need to do something custom, as few homeowners have the technical expertise to develop IoT systems themselves. That’s where the Strawberry4Pi 2 comes in and makes it easy to set up custom IoT solutions.

The original Strawberry4Pi had a Kickstarter funding campaign just a few months ago, but was unable to reach its funding goal. Now it’s being relaunched with a more modest goal, which it should surpass soon. As far as we can tell, the Strawberry4Pi 2 is exactly the same as the original Strawberry4Pi. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Strawberry4Pi was a very promising product, and the Strawberry4Pi 2 is equally so. The device is an add-on board for Raspberry Pi single-board computers (SBCs) that turns them into IoT controllers.

Each board has a set of relays that can be used with any AC power connection in your home. For instance, you can use it to control lights by passing the power wiring through a relay. Anything with AC power can be controlled by the Strawberry4Pi. Once you connect the power wires to the relays, you can use the included smartphone app to toggle them manually or setup automated schedules. You can even control your new IoT setup using your voice through the Cindy voice assistant that works with Google Home.

If you want a Strawberry4Pi, the Kickstarter campaign will be running until July 17th. A single A/B X1 shield (without the Raspberry Pi) costs just $29. Rewards are expected to be delivered in August.

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Original article: Strawberry4Pi 2 Launches on Kickstarter
Author: Cameron Coward