Hak4Kidz Is Making a DEF CON 27 Indie Badge Just for Kids

DEF CON 27 is right around the corner, and hackers around the world are gearing up for another great information security conference in Las Vegas. Over the years, the hacker community and events like DEF CON have become increasingly more diverse, and that’s the kind of change that is always welcome. But, due to the simple nature of how complex hacking can be, kids are often left out of the fun. Fortunately, Hak4Kidz has been organizing kid-friendly hacking events for years, and now they’re making a indie badge for DEF CON 27.

This isn’t Hak4Kidz’s first badge, but it is certainly their most impressive design. It just launched on Kickstarter, and has reached a third of its funding goal. The badge features Tinker, the Hak4Kidz mascot, standing behind a cryptex that looks like something from The Da Vinci Code. Set in the middle of the cryptex is a large 2.4″ 240×320 color TFT LCD screen. There are 6 capacitive touch pads surrounding the screen that can be used to navigate the puzzles, and a plethora of LEDs decorate the badge.

The badge is controlled by an ESP32 microcontroller, and includes a micro SD card slot for easily flashing code to the ESP32. Of course, that means there is also Bluetooth and WiFi built-in. Power is provided through USB or three included AA batteries, and there are two SAO (Shitty Add-On) locations for expansion. There is also a whole host of peripheral connection options. Hacking is the whole point of DEF CON, so the badge has an included challenge. Users need to figure out how to unlock the cryptex in order to reveal its secrets.

If you want a Hak4Kidz badge, the Kickstarter campaign is running until July 1st. A complete badge costs $100, and can be picked up at DEF CON 27 in Las Vegas or shipped to you.

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Original article: Hak4Kidz Is Making a DEF CON 27 Indie Badge Just for Kids
Author: Cameron Coward