YouTube Play Button Simulated in LEDs

Remember when you received your diamond YouTube Play Award for reaching 10 million subscribers? Oh, well me neither actually, nor have I received a silver or gold award at 100k and a million, respectively. But, if you’re dreaming of that day, or want something a bit more unique than the standard model, Janosch Spohner has just what you’re looking for with his Play Button LED PCB.

Spohner shows the results off in the first video below, including LEDs shining in a red tint to match the Button/PCB itself, along with a simulated silver, gold, and even diamonds — LEDs set to a white color blinking on and off in a simulated sparkling routine. Control of the device is via an ATtiny85 microcontroller, and user interface consists of an on/off switch as well as a button to change modes. Power is provided by a 3.7V LiPo taped to the back.

It’s certainly a fun decoration, and as seen in the demo around 3:30, it’s even bright enough to make a very effective flashlight! More info on how he actually made the PCB — as part of a class in the Creative Technologies major at Berry College — is seen in his second video below, and described in detail in Spohner’s write-up. Of course, if you like it, you can always check out the rest of his channel, and perhaps even subscribe to help get him an actual play button in the future!

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Original article: YouTube Play Button Simulated in LEDs
Author: Jeremy S. Cook