Annoy and Scare with The TROLL Audio Prank Device

Now that it’s June, dedicated hackers are likely already planning decorations for Halloween — and if you need a new accessory to handle audio hijinks, then “The TROLL,” promises to deliver in plenty of time. Now funding on Kickstarter, the device takes the form of a small PCB with two audio jacks as well as +/- speaker pins to output scary and/or annoying sounds. Power can be provided via a DC jack, screw terminals for a battery, or a USB connector if you so prefer.

Once powered up, you have the choice between several settings. “Lights Out Mode,” which according to the project’s campaign page is “perhaps the most cruel of all of the programs,” uses an LDR sensor to detect when someone turns on the lights and screams out a terrifying audio clip. Bugger mode plays a variety of sounds at random intervals, and haunting mode does the same thing, but with a much longer duration between audio outputs — and only scary sounds. External trigger mode emits sounds based on an external button, sensor, or other circuit.

If that wasn’t enough variety from this audio prank Swiss Army Knife, you can even create your own programs using an Arduino Uno. Finally, there is currently some room on the chip that’s not yet being used, so if you have suggestions for what should be put on there, you’re invited to get in touch with the board’s creator, Patrick Thomas Mitchell.

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Original article: Annoy and Scare with The TROLL Audio Prank Device
Author: Jeremy S. Cook