Tiny ESP32 Automotive Gauges Also Chart on Your Phone

While your car might have all gauges that you really need to keep your car operational, if you’re a gearhead or automotive enthusiast, there are probably a few additional readings that you’d like immediate access to. If — like hacker “JustinN1” — these happen to be oil and/or boost pressure, then his latest gauge project could be just the thing.

The assembly uses a pair of Heltec Automation ESP32 WiFi boards, which conveniently feature .96” OLED displays. This all-in-one design simplifies hardware quite a bit, and means that besides the actual sensors, little was needed other than a 12V to 5V charging circuit, and a hub to split it between the two. The ESP32 board means that in addition to acting as local gauges, one can log onto either of them with a phone or computer to give an EKG-style line chart that tracks pressure changes over time.

Probably the most difficult part of the hack — since the code is available via the project’s write-up — would be figuring out how to run the new oil and boost pressure sensors, and shifting the outputs to the proper 0–3V logic levels. Once that’s done though, the displays can be set to either a traditional-style circular gauge, or as something that gives readings in various smiley face levels — perhaps appropriate for insufficient oil pressure!

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Original article: Tiny ESP32 Automotive Gauges Also Chart on Your Phone
Author: Jeremy S. Cook