Raspberry Pi 3 “Time Machine” for Summer Fun and Learning

While perhaps it goes without saying, hacker Antonin Kral has not built an actual time machine — as far as we know. He has, however, come up with an innovative time travel themed solution for keeping his kids, along with the other kids that somehow end up at his dwelling, busy for the summer.

The idea is that the kids will be traveling to different eras by collecting “time codes” that they can input into the mysterious plastic box. Once the correct code is entered, it plays a video introducing them to a new era via an informational video about the time period. A Raspberry Pi runs the device’s code — linked in the project write-up — and input is provided by a nice back-lit keyboard that makes it just a little more fun to use. There’s also a VFD display for showing the codes entered, which Kral had lying around and was added because, as he puts it, “They are just gorgeous.”

Kral notes that it might look even better in an old laptop for an all-in-one solution, though this would obviously mean a lot more work cramming components into a small space. As-is though, it’s a solid build, and it certainly represents more thought put into giving his kids a fun and educational summer than the vast majority of people reading this!

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Original article: Raspberry Pi 3 “Time Machine” for Summer Fun and Learning
Author: Jeremy S. Cook