LabRecon Is a Web-Based Graphical Interface and IoT Platform

There are a wide variety of ways to control your project locally or even over the Internet, but all require some level of setup and understanding — especially if you want more than a couple of simple buttons. LabRecon, a platform by New Jersey-based Jeo Barbetta, acts as full-featured graphical user interface that’s easy to pick up, but has deep functionality when needed.

To set the device up, a user simply has to plug one or more sensors and/or output devices into its breadboard, which connects to a computer running LabRecon software over USB serial. The software package — available here and free to use — can then manipulate your connected devices with a database of over 500 commercially available sensors, customized using a drag-and-drop panel.

Once you’re ready to expand control out of a local machine, the software can be set to act as a server, allowing control via any smart device. Graphical logic elements can be added to your control scheme if necessary, and functions can even be included in a variety of languages like Python and C/C++.

The project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and with about a month to go. If you want to get your own breadboard module, they’re available for $75 each, or 10 for $600. Notably, the estimated delivery is listed as July 2019, and since they have roughly 100 boards ready to go, and an assembly contractor on standby, you’ll be able to get one in your hands rather quickly!

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Original article: LabRecon Is a Web-Based Graphical Interface and IoT Platform
Author: Jeremy S. Cook