Light Up Your Wall with Some Configurable LED Hexagons

Do you like hexagons, magnets, or blinking lights? If the answer to any or all of those is yes, then be sure to check out this magnetic LED hexagon build by “FlawedDesign.” This set of six hexagons attaches to one another via three neodymium magnets on each side — or 18 in total — offering structural alignment as well as electrical connections.

The units can be configured in a variety of shapes, thanks to a clever design with a single master hexagon that provides power and sub-hexagons that each contain an ATtiny85. The ATtiny chips activate transistors to allow only a single signal to reach each string of WS2912B LEDs that light up the arrangement. In order to facilitate programming each of these chips, the creator used an Arduino ISP setup outlined in this separate post.

While the video below shows six hexagons implemented, it’s certainly possible to use more, though you’ll need to furnish a power supply of about .75A per hexagon — or perhaps turn down the brightness. Every hexagon is 3D-printed, yet it would certainly be possible to make your own. The magnetic attachment and transistor signal switching concept could also be useful in a variety of different modular projects!

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Original article: Light Up Your Wall with Some Configurable LED Hexagons
Author: Jeremy S. Cook