GoPro Laser Sight Keeps Video In-Frame

GoPro and other so-called action cameras provide an easy way to capture your ‘extreme adventures’ or document builds with a unit that can take the intermittent abuse of shop life. These cameras can be mounted in a variety of situations, including on top of your head, where you can’t always tell if it’s properly adjusted to pick up what you’re looking at.

After taking some poorly aimed footage of a project that I’m working on, I decided to finally do something about this, and created what GoPro laser aiming device that outputs a red dot as a visual reverence. This 3D-printed unit hooks into the thumb screw pivot on a GoPro Hero 5 or Hero session’s standard frame, close enough that when the camera moves up and down, the laser assembly swings with it. The device may work for other cameras, but only the Hero 4 and Session have been tested so far.

As seen in the video below, while not perfect, the device will at least get you in the ballpark. Power is provided by a small LiPo battery that slides into its 3D-printed housing, and you can turn the laser off with a button on the side once you’ve got your camera lined up. If you want to build your own, more info is available here on Hackster!

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Original article: GoPro Laser Sight Keeps Video In-Frame
Author: Jeremy S. Cook