Solder PCBs Anywhere with MagicBox’s Portable REFLO Air Machine

MagicBox describes their REFLO Air machine as “a stylish, portable reflow machine that lets creators and makers easily, quickly, and professionally prototype circuits.” It’s a small reflow oven that can be used for rapid prototyping, IoT projects, wearables, robotics, and a host of other applications.

The REFLO Air features a compact, enclosed heating system, simplified settings for preheating and reflow, temperature and air adjustments, and much more. (📷: MagicBox)

The heater system is housed in a compact enclosure and situated in a way that allows you to solder without needing to operate the heater manually. The soldering process has been simplified as well and features one-touch settings for preheating and reflows, and a top-mounted panel to adjust temperature and fan speed. MagicBox also added safety measures to the machine — including a safeguard on the heater and a timer that limits continuous operation, which will help prevent accidental burns.

The REFLO Air measures-out at 138mm x 51mm x 138mm, has a 100 to 3000C temperature range, a K-type thermometer, and an internal cooling fan that allows for a quick cool down. The machine also comes with several optional accessories — such as a 3D-printed mount to hold smartphones, enabling you to use the camera to zoom in on the reflow area, an aluminum mini vice, and a semi-automated XY table that can be controlled using a mouse.

MagicBox is currently crowdfunding the REFLO Air on Crowd Supply in kit form- a Basic version that gets you the reflow machine only ($199), and a Deluxe model ($249), which includes the vice, 3D-printed phone mount and supply of solder paste. The XY table is sold separately for $99 ($79 version is sold out).

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Original article: Solder PCBs Anywhere with MagicBox’s Portable REFLO Air Machine
Author: Cabe Atwell