FOVEA Wrist-Mounted Multimeter and Analysis Tool

Multimeters are fundamental pieces of test equipment, used from industrial applications where you might be staring into a gigantic electrical panel, to applications where you’re staring at a single small chip. While incredibly useful, they also need to be placed somewhere, meaning you have to take your eyes off of whatever your working on to glance over and check readings, inconvenient and even dangerous for man and machine. To help with this problem, engineer Vin Narwani has come up with the wrist-mountable FOVEA embedded multimeter, now funding on Kickstarter.

FOVEA, which implements a 32-bt PIC32MX microcontroller and a PIC18F processor, isn’t meant to replace a suite of benchtop lab equipment, but instead act as a complementary device focused on the lower currents/voltages of embedded electronics. As such, it measures DC voltages up to 30V and current up to 1A, along with resistance and continuity. The unit goes further than a traditional multimeter, however, with a frequency counter, PWM measurement, PWM output square wave pulse generator, and a logic analyzer.

All of this information is output on a 2.4” color display with a touchscreen interface and rechargeable battery. Notably, while it can be worn on the wrist, it folds up to carry and even into a sort of triangular configuration (like some notebooks) so that it can be set on a desk facing up at an angle for easy viewing when needed.

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Original article: FOVEA Wrist-Mounted Multimeter and Analysis Tool
Author: Jeremy S. Cook