Programmable Air Pneumatics Kit Now Crowdfunding

Nearly a year ago, we reported on the fledgling Programmable Air project, with the goal of bringing intelligent pneumatic to the masses. If you thought that was cool, the project is now funding on Crowd Supply, with a basic kit priced at $150, along with a Deluxe Kit that includes some extra accessories for $175.

The device uses a pair of pumps move air around, while three pneumatic valves regulate how the air travels through the system. All of these elements go into controlling a single output air line, but you’ll have everything in a single package — no dragging around an external compressor or negotiating with industrial suppliers to give you a discount. A pressure sensor gives the apparatus built-in feedback, while RGB LEDs and a pair of user buttons let it communicate with it human handlers.

If you need even more functionality, an expansion port is available for extra valves and sensors, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t use two or more of them in tandem. Of course, there’s no shortage of things you can do with one pneumatic output, and you can see a few examples what early users have already been able to accomplish with it in the video below.

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Original article: Programmable Air Pneumatics Kit Now Crowdfunding
Author: Jeremy S. Cook