DIYson 3D-Printed Vacuum Cleaner

Cyclonic dust collectors have been around since 1921, but it wasn’t until 1978 that Sir James Dyson applied this principle to handheld vacuum cleaners. Dyson products seem to be very good, though correspondingly expensive. Hacker Madaeon decided to build a new version of this concept, creating the “DIYson” open source Cyclone vacuum cleaner.

The device, though perhaps not as refined as the commercial item that inspired it, uses 3D printing and the availability of RC parts in order to make a cyclonic vacuum cleaner while not breaking the bank. Custom components are designed to be 3D printed, and everything is modular, just in case something goes wrong— or maybe if there’s an upgrade available.

Controls-wise, things are quite simple, with a trigger that pulls a servo tester to ramp up the electronic ducted fan (EDF), which provides suction via an electronic speed control (ESC). A 4000mAh LiPo battery powers the unit, enabling it to function for around 20 minutes per charge, while also acting as the device’s handle. A filter cone is used to keep dirt from spewing out of the exhaust, and as shown in the video below, the bottom snaps off to allow collected dirt to be emptied into a trash can.

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Original article: DIYson 3D-Printed Vacuum Cleaner
Author: Jeremy S. Cook