IOT Application Structure

Hi guys, I just want to ask question regarding mqtt server and android. I am going to work on a summer iot project and I would like to ask for advice. I am gonna need an mqtt server running on a raspberry pi communicating with other iot devices on lan. At the same time I want to have global communication on the same raspberry pi with android devices and rasp should have its own user login/pass database.

In short. I register myself on my android app. Database gets updated. I login, send commands to raspberry pi through global network. And raspberry pi will communicate with iot devices and also send information about them back to a user who sent those commands. Ive been working on a similar project with Home Assistant but Im asking if its possible to have all this stuff on single raspberry pi because for now the whole raspberry pi was dedicated to a hassbian os.

I don’t have much experience with android communication/security/login,pass/databases so any any advice would be amazing. I’ve tried something with sockets but thats about it. Should I use UDP and remember the address (like quick question-response from android)? Or connect with TCP (but that isn’t probably a scalable solution regarding raspberry pi… maybe with quick dis-/connect ?).

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