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from Seat Belt Slider #3DThursday #3DPrinting
by Ben

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Shared by cinchonj on Thingiverse:

I checked Thingiverse for seat belt slides, but could not find one that was easy to adjust. I decided to design my own. This one has 3 parts to be assembled. It uses sponge window foam to function like a contraction spring. Works perfectly (smooth) and looks great.

This design uses a press fitting so it can be assemble around the seat belt in the car. I used MD Sponge window seal 3/8″ thick and 3/4″ wide 10 feet is about $4.00 US. (see photo of package) Actually you only need to cut a 50 mm long section for each clip. The foam has adhesive on one side so it can be adhered to the clip before it assembled. The last plate has smaller slots and is a simple press fit onto the two leg spacers. Once assembled around the seat belt, you can simply press the last plate onto the two legs. If you need a tighter squeeze on the belt, you can use a pair of channel lock pliers to press the end of each leg into the final outside piece a bit further. This design uses 8 mm gap for about 9mm of foam thus it always has a small amount of pressure on the belt, so simple press fit should work fine.

Download the files and learn more

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