New Project! Heat Set Insert Rig #3DPrinting

from New Project! Heat Set Insert Rig #3DPrinting
by Noe Ruiz

In this project we’re building a rig for installing heat set inserts. Use 3D printed parts and hardware to build a solder rig with smooth linear roller action! Make perfectly straight inserts with precision using a tip for installing inserts.

Learn guide:

When working with 3D printed parts, a press can help you install inserts. This holds a soldering iron vertically and allows you to press down, perfectly straight.

The tip of the iron heats up the brass and softens the plastic. Pressing down pushes the insert into the part and once it cools down, it’s locked in place. This could be handy for folks doing a small production run or if you’re looking for a tool to make this easier.

This rig makes installing inserts feel like pressing a hot knife through butter – The linear motion on this build feels smooth. This is definitely over engineered and we spent way too much time on it but we think folks will find it useful. The rig is modular and uses common hardware – The 3d printed parts can be remixed and modified to work with other components. There’s a learn guide for this project so folks can build their own.

Holding the iron straight seems simple enough and works fine most of the time but the conical shape of a regular soldering iron tip can catch the insert and accidentally pull it out while melting the plastic – And that can sometimes ruin parts.

Soldering Iron 60W

2020 Aluminum Extrusion

M4 button head screws

M4 Slim T-Nuts

Stickvise PCB vise

Inventor II 3D Printer

Filament for 3D Printers

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