ProxmarkPro Is a Handheld RFID/NFC Test Instrument

Rysc Corp is getting ready to launch their new ProxmarkPro RFID/NFC test platform on Crowd Supply in the coming weeks. The portable toolset is designed to search for, identify, and demonstrate weaknesses in RFID and NFC systems in the field. The ProxmarkPro is the latest offering in Rysc’s line of RFID/NFC test platforms created to test vulnerabilities in wireless communication devices.

The ProxmarkPro is a portable test platform is designed to seek out, identify, and find weaknesses in RFID and NFC systems in the wild. (📷: Rysc Corp)

“The ProxmarkPro is NOT another development kit. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of Red Teamers and security research professionals. The ProxmarkPro is intended to be used in the field or at a desk with no client connection or setup, just turn it on and start using it. The antenna can be easily and quickly swapped out to accommodate a wide variety of systems.”

On the hardware side, the ProxmarkPro features a Microchip AT91SAM7S512 32-bit microcontroller, built-in LCD, micro SD card slot (with included 16Gb card), rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, navigation switch, and a 5X more powerful Spartan 3 FPGA and ADC. It also sports modular antennas that can be swapped-out via USB port without needing a tool and has an HF read range of up to 100mm, along with an LF read range of up to 140mm.

Rysc claims the ProxmarkPro has almost no learning curve due to the inclusion of the LCD screen, as the Proxmark 3 relied on LEDs to denote information. It’s also self-contained, easy to conceal, and lightweight- making it ideal as a demonstration tool for companies looking to test their wireless systems. There’s no word yet on when the ProxmarkPro will be released or price point, however, you can sign up on Rysc’s product webpage for more information when it becomes available.

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Original article: ProxmarkPro Is a Handheld RFID/NFC Test Instrument
Author: Cabe Atwell