Maker Update: Creature Feature [Maker Update #122] @makerprojectlab @adafruit edition! #Adafruit

from Maker Update: Creature Feature [Maker Update #122] @makerprojectlab @adafruit edition! #Adafruit
by Mike Barela

Maker Update: Creature Feature [Maker Update #122] Adafruit edition – (video – above). This week on Maker Update, magnetic animatronics, a photo frame with a dark side, a conductive paper dragon, keyblades, a Star Trek desk, and gaming with a PyBadge.

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Show Notes [Maker Update #122]

Project of the Month

Robotic Creatures by Ruiz Brothers


Learn Hardware Programming with CircuitPython. The perfect introduction to electronics and programming

Adafruit Projects

Twin Peaks Light Reactive Picture Frame by Liz Clark

Color Spinner Camera Ring Light by Dano Wall

PyPortal Tides Viewer by Carter Nelson

Light Up Paper Dragon Wall Sconce by Erin St Blaine

Keyblade 3D Kit by Ruiz Brothers

Prop-Maker Keyblade by Ruiz Brothers

Contributed Projects

Star Trek replica desk build by Dave Harvey


Create wearable tech with Sophy Wong

Wearable Tech Projects (2019)


Adafruit Metro M4 Express AirLift (WiFi) – Lite

Unleashing BEAST MODE on Adafruit M4 boards

PyPortal Animated GIF display improved from overclocking

Making Screw-Threaded Parts for Cosplay Props by Ruiz Bros.

Knurling Textures in Fusion360 by Ruiz Bros.

JOHN PARK’S WORKSHOP LIVE 4/25/19 PyBadge Pixel Art

Product Spotlight

Adafruit PyBadge for MakeCode Arcade, CircuitPython or Arduino

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