Compact Digital Measurement Multi-Tool

When you’re working on a project, you’ll need tools like a tape measure or level to keep things physically in-spec. This works fine most of the time, but what if you were to create your own measurement multi-tool with exactly the functions that you need? That’s the idea behind Patrick Panikulam’s Digital Multi-Function Measuring Tool, which takes several readings in a compact package.

The device uses an MPU-6050 gyroscope/accelerometer module to show whether it’s on a level surface in two dimensions, and can be zeroed out then rotated to measure an angle on a horizontal plane. A second trick comes in the form of an IR sensor that measures distances between three and 25 centimeters. If that doesn’t quite work for your application, an encoder allows you to determine distances by rolling it across a surface.

The compact unit is powered by a LiPo battery, complete with a charging/boost circuit taken off of a single-cell power bank. Processing is handled by an Arduino Pro Mini, while output is provided via a tiny OLED display and a small speaker. A trio of capacitive touch sensors enables user input, which along with a built-in magnet, are meant to help keep it in-position during use. The device is demonstrated in the video below.

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Original article: Compact Digital Measurement Multi-Tool
Author: Jeremy S. Cook