Sigfox Canada launches world’s largest IoT network with coast-to-coast availability

Sigfox Canada has launched the nation’s first IoT network which claims to offer ‘coast-to-coast’ availability.

The deployment is said to be the largest IoT network in the world and extends Sigfox’s presence in 60 countries from Newfoundland to Vancouver.

As with Sigfox’s other deployments, the network leverages LPWAN (Low Power, Wide Area Network) technology.

The network supports over 700 different IoT sensors available today, with the capacity available for millions. Sigfox believes their network will provide simple and cost-effective connectivity for businesses looking to get started with the IoT.

Kent Rawlings, President of Sigfox Canada, said:

“We are thrilled to bring the Sigfox Global Network to Canada. We are building a national IoT network capable of connecting millions of individual devices that will forever change the way businesses and cities operate.

We look forward to furthering innovation in Canada and creating a more connected world using the Sigfox low-power wide area network. It’s with Sigfox Canada’s ultimate goal to give the entire country the opportunity to use IoT connectivity that we’ll change the way businesses measure and monitor their daily operations.”

Sigfox Canada currently has service in eight out of the ten provinces today. The company boasts it can provide coverage within 90 days in almost any area.

“We want to solve the problems that are holding back the proliferation of IoT by creating a national low-cost network, using devices that require minimal power and simple communication technology to easily provide connectivity to any device or object,” comments Rawlings.

By the end of June, Sigfox plans to cover more than 14 million Canadians with connectivity. Each base station covers several kilometres and can handle up to 10 million messages per day. in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects like this? Attend the IoT Tech Expo World Series events with upcoming shows in Silicon Valley, London, and Amsterdam.

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Sigfox Canada launches world’s largest IoT network with coast-to-coast availability

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