Tips On How to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Tips On How to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Tips On How to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency
If you want to make money using digital technology, you might as well venture into digital marketing. It’s a profitable way of advertising using digital channels, primarily via the internet, including search engine optimization or SEO, social media, video platforms, and content marketing. Unlike the past, it’s now possible for an individual or a small team to start a digital marketing agency without involving a significant amount of investment, so check for more details.

In this post, you’ll learn how to start a digital marketing agency so you hit it right the first time.

Build the Right Skills

While you may have a background in social media marketing, SEO, or content marketing, you still need to build the right skills to get the job right. If you want a successful business, it’s crucial to establish a strong foundation, which involves in-depth knowledge about digital marketing strategies, advanced skills, and a positive attitude. With the actual work, digital marketing is complex and fast-paced, so keep yourself abreast with the trends.

Here are some of the necessary skills you need to learn and develop to carry out different digital marketing campaigns:

  • How to build landing pages
  • How to design ads
  • Learn software applications or programs, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo
  • Properly implementing tracking

Define Your Niche

As much as you like to offer a wide range of digital marketing services, you have to determine your specialization. Digital marketing is a complex business, so you have to choose the right one you’re good at and a niche you’re passionate about.

Here are the top niches for digital marketing:

  • Search engine optimization: Optimizing web content to increase ranking on search engines
  • Content marketing: Create informative and valuable content to increase organic traffic
  • Social media marketing: Create campaign ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms

Experience Working as an Independent Contractor

Before you even start thinking of putting up a business, you should at least try to work as an independent contractor with one or two heads to help you. Managing a few clients first can help you test your managerial skills. Also, it helps to test your ability to deliver quality results because you already have a background on how things work.

Here are the benefits of working as an independent contractor:

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses without involving much risk
  • Experience the business side, from invoicing to putting aside cash for taxes
  • Learn proper time management
  • Gain experience on how to create contracts
  • Get mutual connections
  • Establish a good client base

Develop Your Business Model

When it comes to digital marketing services, a critical aspect is to bill your work efficiently. You want to make sure that you get paid right for the services you offer while not overpricing your clients at the same time. There are different pricing models you can choose from that best suit your business.

Here are the pricing models suitable for a digital marketing agency:

  • Hourly Basis: This pricing model is applicable if you’ll offer one-on-one consulting. You have to consider the time you spend on calls, restructuring accounts, and launching a new campaign or promotion.
  • Flat Retainer: This pricing model is the simplest because you can assess how much time and work you can do for a specific client, wherein you can agree on a flat fee per month. Your client knows the amount even before the invoice arrives. It allows you to predict your earnings per contract if, say, a client decides a one-year to a two-year contract. A flat monthly fee is recommended for a growing business.
  • Percentage Spend: This pricing model applies to a growing business, which has something to do with scalability and growth potential.
  • Commission-Based: It is a pricing model that helps you gain a competitive advantage. It means that you only get paid once your client makes money from the digital marketing campaign, which is enticing to gain more clients. Before using this model, you should have great insight into the client’s business and operations because you don’t want considerable headaches in the end.

Comply with Business Laws

A business requires compliance with tax and labor laws. Create an LLC or an SCorp if you want to build a digital marketing agency, as this provides you legal security if something goes wrong, like lawsuits. It will also offer tax benefits, and legitimizes your business.


Starting a digital marketing agency may appear daunting at first, but once you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll have a better idea of how it works. You’ll be able to make the right decision in all aspects of your business, such as choosing your niche and those concerning business operations.

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