Camera Slider Tracks Objects with Trigonometry

When documenting a project, it’s often useful to have a moving camera angle. If an actual cameraman isn’t in the budget, perhaps the next best thing is a camera slider, and if you can set it up to track the object in question, things can look pretty amazing. Unfortunately, pro camera gear can cost thousands of dollars, so Saral Tayal came up with his own slider assembly that causes the camera to pan as it slides to keep your “thing” in view.

Rather than rely on a sophisticated tracking algorithm, Tayal’s build uses trigonometry to vary the camera’s pan angle based on the object’s position. The math here is taken care of by an Arduino Uno, and an encoder and small OLED display provide the user interface. In action, one motor pulls the camera along, while a second rides with the camera assembly to turn it. Normal DC motors are used, with an encoder added for feedback, which with the proper driver board allows them to act similarly to servos.

Build details, code, and print files are available in the project’s write-up, though Tayal is quick to note that you owe it to yourself to tweak the design to your own specifications if you’re going to create it yourself.

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Original article: Camera Slider Tracks Objects with Trigonometry
Author: Jeremy S. Cook