This PC Is Made out of Pasta, and it Actually Works

This PC Is Made Out of Pasta, and It Actually Works

Every geek worth their salt has built their own PC. It saves money, allows you to get the exact specifications you want, is fun, and fills you with a deep sense of pride. When building your own PC, the first step is to determine which components you want to use — the processor, RAM, motherboard, and so on. But then you get to move onto the fun part: selecting the case to house those components. Most people just buy a case that suits their tastes, but YouTuber Laplanet Arts decided to make his own out of pasta.

This is a real, working PC, but the electronic components obviously aren’t made from pasta. However the case is, and that’s still pretty impressive — or at least entertaining. The electronic components were salvaged from an Asus Transformer tablet, which had a broken screen. But it still ran a full desktop version of Windows, so it works fine as a computer when the video is output through HDMI to a monitor or a TV.

Laplanet Arts started by taking apart the tablet and upcycling just the components that were necessary for it to work. He then added a USB hub and extensions for the HDMI output and power input. After ensuring that the tablet was still working, he placed those components on a layer of dry lasagna that was hot-glued together. Then he simply layered on the pasta, hot gluing along the way, until the computer was fully enclosed. He did run into an issue with Windows needing to be recovered, but eventually his pasta PC was up and running!

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Original article: This PC Is Made out of Pasta, and it Actually Works
Author: Cameron Coward