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5G & AV to Solve Driver Distraction?

Some people become advocates against distracted driving after tragedy strikes, my motivation was different. While I

Is 2019 the Year for Cybersecurity Legislation?

One of the latest cybersecurity headlines has been the Citrix breach, and, unfortunately, the incident is

Robot Workers: Whom Will Automation Replace?

As machines get smarter and/or more capable, they can take over more tasks that used to

Cobots and Human Productivity

There has been a lot written about robots replacing humans. But what we should be discussing

Accelerating innovation: Enabling IIoT at the device edge with Machbase and Arm

Learn how Machbase’s Arm-based technology is transforming the future of IIoT with advanced edge compute in

2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors bring powerful Deep Learning capabilities to transform your business with A.I.

From enabling security throughout a city, to the rapid identification and classification of complex medical imaging

Pi VizuWall Moves Raspberry Pis on Servos for Beowulf Cluster Visualization

Almost all of the fastest parallel supercomputers in the world utilize the Beowulf cluster architecture, which

Camera Slider Tracks Objects with Trigonometry

When documenting a project, it’s often useful to have a moving camera angle. If an actual

This Tiny Retro Handheld Console Stores Games on Fake SD Card Cartridges

These days you can usually just download video games directly to your console, but many of

This Simple Analog Stereo Mixer Lets a Computer and Amazon Echo Share Speakers

You probably have a lot of devices in your home that need to connect to speakers.