Large Snake-Like, 3D-Printed Desk Lamp

If you need a desk lamp, a quick trip to the store — or whatever online outlet you frequent — is all it takes. If, however, you’d like something entirely unique, then that will cost you a bit more effort. As seen in his project write-up, Dr. Scott M. Baker designed and built a big and bendable lamp.

Inspiration for the build came when Baker found an interesting lamp design on Thingiverse, which was in turn based on a flexible dust collection hose, and looks very similar to much smaller coolant hoses used to shoot air or liquid in an industrial environment. He, in turn, modified the design to accommodate an electrical enclosure to provide proper power to the COB panel that provides light.

After a short detour to create a resistive load, with rocker switches for selection and a nice chart that outlines the results, he made and installed a custom LM2576-based assembly to power the light source. This includes a rocker switch, and a potentiometer to set up the lamp’s current limit. While the original design worked, he eventually swapped out his initial resistor/op amp assembly for something that would waste less power — and not get too hot.

Be sure to check out the device in action, and discussion on the project in the video below!

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Original article: Large Snake-Like, 3D-Printed Desk Lamp
Author: Jeremy S. Cook