Suggestions for embedded training courses

I work as a web and AWS developer for a company that is entering the IoT market. For the past 8 months or so I’ve been involved in the development of our new product, working as an AWS architect and scrum master. We have two embedded programmers on contract who are moonlighting on our project. These two guys are incredibly accomplished and knowledgeable, and as such they have pretty serious hourly rates.
In the past week management has come to me and expressed their desire for me to learn how to do all of the embedded programming for our company so as to save some money and bring it in-house. They will pay for whatever education I need; all in all this is something that will definitely benefit my career and my company.
I’ve been doing a lot of research on the best sources for learning what I need. I took C++ at a local tech college something like 13 years ago. I’ve been a web developer for a decade now, and have proficiency with PHP and Javascript in its many forms. I’ve also done a lot with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and the like. But when it comes to things like memory management and pointers and other low level things that are necessary for making a good IoT product, I am at a loss.
So all in all I’d say I need some type of intermediate level training to start with. There are a number of online subscription based training sites that seem to offer what I need; but I am choice paralyzed. And there are a handful of bootcamps or conferences that I’ve found. Unfortunately the tech college in town doesn’t seem to offer any relevant courses any more. So I am here asking for advice regarding any experience you have had in this arena.

TL/DR: I am pivoting from a role as a web developer to embedded developer for IoT products. I am seeking recommendations for good online training resources.

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