Raspberry Pi-Powered News Ticker Shirt Display

Throughout centuries — millennia even — of wearing clothing, we’ve come to accept that whatever design is on a shirt (shawl, robe, cloak, suit of armor, etc.) pretty much there permanently. However, as Steven Hawes shows in this project write-up, times have changed — and you no longer have to accept static images on your shirt!

What he came up with is a ticker device uses a Raspberry Pi to pull information via Wi-Fi — a phone hotspot can be used for a truly mobile display — which then pushes text to an Arduino Nano via USB serial. The Arduino takes this info and translates it into light commands over three 8×8 RGB panels for a scrolling information display. Panels are hidden inside the wearer’s shirt, making things look vaguely normal when not lit up, and giving things a nice diffused effect.

The Pi/Arduino controls are affixed to a separate module, which is strapped to the wearer’s back as shown. A sewed-on compartment, backpack, or fanny pack could also be used as the situation dictates. It’s a flexible concept that could be adapted to a variety of display situations, and code for the build is available on GitHub, along with an optional bracket for the LEDs if you’d like to use that mounting method.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to back Hawes’ Glowtie over on Kickstarter!

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Original article: Raspberry Pi-Powered News Ticker Shirt Display
Author: Jeremy S. Cook