Set the Mood with Your Own Ceiling Light Fixture

If you need more light for your home and workshop, there are a wide variety of options from which to choose. This, however, wasn’t good enough for YouTube hacker GreatScott! Instead, he created a unique ceiling light fixture with nine GU10 LED spotlights for traditional white lighting, along with RGBW strips arranged near the upper outer edges of the cuboid to set the mood.

The structure consists of framing lumber as the main structure, VeroBoard Rapid (not the same thing as perfboard) that forms the bottom surface, and MDF as the top. Cleverly, the MDF top was recessed with a router in order to form a place for a aluminum profiles that hold the LED strips. Holes were punched in the bottom material for the GU10 spotlights, which are wired up inside the new structure.

While none of this sounds that complicated, actually making it took quite a bit of work, and there is a lot more wiring hardware than you might first suspect. While there is no automated control here beyond the phone app and remote control used for mood lighting, the project looks like a great target for an ESP8266 module, IFTTT integration, or other tricks. Perhaps this great looking build will be the inspiration for something even more fantastic!

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Original article: Set the Mood with Your Own Ceiling Light Fixture
Author: Jeremy S. Cook