ogx360 Adapts Xbox 360 Controllers to Original Xbox

ogx360 Adapts Xbox 360 controllers to Original Xbox

If you enjoy breaking out the original Xbox for a quick round of Halo now and then, but prefer the feel and freedom of wireless Xbox 360 controllers, the ogx360 lets you have the best of both worlds. This system, designed by Ryan Wendland (AKA “Ryzee119”) connects to the “OG Xbox” via an Xbox to USB adapter on up to four controller ports

The heart of this project is a PCB which the 360 wireless receiver plugs into. The PCB has accommodations for up to four Pro Micro boards, one emulating a wired controller on each connected port. The design is modular, so you can only use one if you so desire, or populate the entire PCB for windowed multi-player fun. The first Arduino acts as the master device, and provides power for the system from the Xbox controller port.

As shown in the video below, the gadget works quite well, including rumble feedback. The only thing it lacks is analog sensitivity for the top buttons, a feature that was left out of the 360 controllers, and likely missed by very few people. Software/hardware info is available on GitHub if you’d like to build your own. It’s also listed on Etsy, but is sold out as of this writing.

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook