IoT trends, predictions for 2019?

What is the potential value of the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to expand next year and reveal new ways of interacting with customers. Retail and supply chain industries will likely see the greatest growth as compared to 2018 (indoor navigation, smart barcodes, cashierless supermarkets, etc.) In certain countries including North America, China, and Japan, the impact will be even greater.

IoT will get the best results with Bluetooth 5.0 and beacons

With Bluetooth 5.0, indoor navigation is possible in areas such as shopping malls. Some already offer this service, but Bluetooth 5 with tracking will add more precision. BT 5.0 opens up a whole range of new possibilities for IoT development projects. It continues to drive how people experience the Internet of Things with simple and secure connectivity.

Cashierless Checkout

Cashierless supermarkets are gaining in popularity since Amazon invented “just walk out” technology. We see how retail is being affected by the power of IoT to connect customers and stores. Automated cashierless checkouts make customers happier and more willing to enter a store because it saves time. This is good for the store too, as this technology helps to reduce cashier staff requirement.

Benefits and trends

3 ways businesses can benefit from the Internet of Things

Five IoT Predictions For 2019

What’s next for 2019? IoT trends and predictions

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