Build Your Own NODE Micro Server Using a Modified Raspberry Pi 3

Whether it gets completed or shelved, NODE’s Micro Server is a great project that utilizes the Raspberry Pi 3. The platform is a small, plug-and-play server that hosts a modified Pi 3 in a 3D-printed case, giving it several different features to make it more suitable for use as a server.

NODE’s Micro Server features a modified Raspberry Pi 3 housed in a 3D-printed case with an open bottom, cooling fan, and port access in the rear. (📷: NODE)

In particular, NODE removed a pair of USB ports next to the Ethernet connection, replacing it with a single USB port. On top of the Pi is a custom PCB outfitted with a micro USB port (for power), and an inward facing USB port that allows you to add a Flash drive for additional storage if the need arises. NODE also took out the display connector on the back of the Pi, as well as the composite audio/video jack.

The 3D-printed enclosure that houses the hardware is slightly larger than the Pi itself and features a cooling fan connected to the Pi’s GPIO, while the underside is left open for easy access to the micro SD card. All the main ports are now situated at the back of the case, and the HDMI port is accessible as well for those that require a GUI interface to set up the server.

NODE’s modified Raspberry Pi 3 showing the removal of the USB ports with a micro USB, and rear-facing USB port put in their place. (📷: NODE)

In keeping with the servers compact nature, NODE 3D-printed a pair of brackets that mount onto the board using screws to hold everything in place. Assembling the server is straightforward — merely connect the case fan, insert the Pi, screw it in place, and attach the end cap.

NODE states that he probably will not continue the Micro Server project; however, he has uploaded the server files necessary for those of you who would like to build your own on his project page.

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Original article: Build Your Own NODE Micro Server Using a Modified Raspberry Pi 3
Author: Cabe Atwell