Internet of Things (IoT) – The New Frontier

Internet of Things (IoT) – The New Frontier : The rising influence of the internet has made connectivity ubiquitous and available to all businesses and people. The internet, with its network of large servers and individual computers and whole network of connecting devices like routers, modems, sensors, adapters, cables etc. together with the appropriate software, forms one huge network whose tremendous computing power enables various processes to be faster, efficient and cost effective.

Sometime back, the only devices that could connect to this network were computers & related computing and networking devices. The idea of Internet of Things (IoT) dramatically changes this definition and gives it a very innovative and grander perspective. This article will explain the basics of IoT with few practical examples and will also explain how it is re-shaping our daily life.

As a concept, IoT means that any electronic or mechanical device or instrument can be connected to the internet. This can include home appliances, vehicles, gadgets, medical implants, apparel, machinery and many other things. All these can either have a basic internal or external sensor or they themselves can be full scale digital devices with their own protocol and connector devices. The central idea of IoT is that any object on the face of the earth can virtually be connected via the internet and the system can then be used to gather information from the object remotely and can also be used to control and alter its behavior.

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