Feedback on Developing a (DIY) IOT product


I’m developing a product that can assist with DIY Home Automation. Now I am wondering if there is any demand for it.

Any thoughts on it are of course welcome.

The product is a motor that you can control via your phone with which you can automate your existing appliances. (Connected with for instance Homekit or IFTTT).

The plan is that it will be powered with a micro-USB cable and work directly with Wi-Fi instead of via a hub. It will use an ESP8285 controller, so it would be possible to reprogram it with Arduino for people who want to run their own software.

I have put some renders of the idea here:

This is a more economical option than existing automated appliances (Price point will be around 40-50 euro’s) and will be a neater and easier result than hacking it together yourself.

Is this a product you would be interested in?

Please tell me what you would like to see in such a product.

What apps would you like to see supported?

Does it need to have a rechargeable battery? (What needs to be the battery life to make it worthwhile, would you rather see an external rechargeable battery pack or an integrated pack?)

Micro USB or USB-C?

What would you expect the price to be of such a product?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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