Youbionic One — A 3D-Printable Headless Humanoid Torso

Youbionic One — A 3D-Printable Headless Humanoid Torso

Since the advent of robotics — and even the clever automatons that came before — it seems we’ve been striving to create something that replicated the versatility of the human form. The computing power to do so has been expanding at a phenomenal rate during the last few decades, but the mechanics to do so still seem far away.

The Youbionic One aims to fill this gap with a 3D-printable upper torso model measuring in at 680mm tall and featuring actuated shoulders and arms, as well as very detailed hands. Additionally, it includes a human-like rib cage and a flexible spine. One could see it fixed in place as, perhaps, an android bartender or as part of an assembly cell, but creator Federico Ciccarese has a more mobile and — intentionally or not — terrifying form in mind.

It’s shown in the second video below modeled atop a Boston Dynamics Spot Mini, forming a sort of headless robotic centaur. This would, of course, work really well to fetch the paper, though depending on what kind of AI it’s programmed with could be capable of much more, for better or worse.

The printable model is available for purchase for $179. The intro page also offers a three-fingered claw model that can be downloaded for the price of your name and email address.


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Author: Jeremy S. Cook