This Is a Sausage Cannon, Not a Euphemism

The grand tradition of using artillery to launch foodstuffs is long and storied. Potato cannons are always entertaining, marshmallow shooters are ideal for office warfare, and pumpkin catapults are a fan-favorite that can throw festive gourds farther than half a mile. If it’s food, you can bet that someone out there has attempted to weaponize it. And now that tradition continues with Foxdog Studios’ Remote Control Sausage Cannon.

The Foxdog Studios YouTube channel team decided to build the Remote Control Sausage Cannon for reasons unknown and that really aren’t important. What is important is that it’s a remote control cannon that shoots sausages. For the sake of clarity, it’s worth pointing out these sausages are what my fellow Americans would call a “hot dog.” That means they’re smooth and uniform, which makes them perfect projectiles.

Those slick, cylindrical meat sticks are shoved into the short 3D-printed barrel of the cannon. Behind that is an air tank that has been pressurized by a compressor. The operator can then remotely control the angle of the barrel to increase or decrease the range. When they’re ready, pushing the trigger will cause an Arduino to open a solenoid valve and fire the cannon, sending the sausage hurtling towards the target. It may not have the range of a pumpkin catapult, but the Remote Control Sausage Cannon certainly has more potential for double entendres — which I have courteously avoided because I’m very professional.

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Original article: This Is a Sausage Cannon, Not a Euphemism
Author: Cameron Coward