Digilent’s OpenLogger Is a High-Resolution, Wi-Fi-Equipped Portable Data Logger

OpenLogger Is a High-Resolution, Wi-Fi-Equipped Portable Data Logger

Digilent is known for their FPGA development boards for embedded projects, and USB oscilloscopes to help diagnose the problems encountered with those projects. Earlier this month, the National Instruments Company announced that they were tossing their hat in the data logger ring with the introduction of the OpenLogger — a portable Wi-Fi-enabled, high-resolution board that allows you to live-stream data and log it at the same time.

The OpenLogger features 8X analog inputs, 8X digital I/O, Wi-Fi, micro SD card slot, and micro USB port. (📷: Digilent)

The OpenLogger offers 8-channel analog inputs (16-bit resolution, 50KHz bandwidth) that enable you to stream data up to 200 kS/sec via USB, 10 kS/sec via Wi-Fi, and log up to 500 kS to a micro SD card. It also sports one analog output channel, 8X digital I/O, a pair of 18 male pin headers, and a Microchip PIC32MZ2064DAG169 microcontroller at its core.

The OpenLogger uses WaveForms Live software and is supported on most popular browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. (📷: Digilent)

To accompany the OpenLogger, Digilent created WaveForms Live — an open-source browser-based application that lets you manipulate and visualize data garnered from the board or another compatible device. Since the board is equipped with Wi-Fi, it can be isolated from electrical noise from the device being tested or whatever application you’re using it for, which could include monitoring G-forces on mobile robots, measuring hotspots on PCBs, or grabbing power data from electrical circuits.

The optional Screw Terminal Adapter mounts securely on top of OpenLogger to provide screw terminal access to the analog inputs, analog output, power supplies, digital I/O, 5 V, and ground. (📷: Digilent)

Digilent is currently crowdfunding the OpenLogger on Crowd Supply for $109 and up, which gets you the board, micro USB cable and a set of female-terminated flywires. They are also offering an optional Screw Terminal Adapter that mounts onto the OpenLogger, making it easy to attach wires to all the I/Os.

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Author: Cabe Atwell