Be Part of a Smarter and More Resilient Grid

Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software builds the bridge between smart homes and the new electric grid

Disruption creates opportunity. That’s what we’re seeing in the electric utility industry, where a combination of large market forces — notably deregulation and growth in cleaner and more flexible solutions — is transforming the traditional, utility-controlled grid and shifting focus to the consumer-controlled edge. That disruption creates an enormous opportunity for companies to introduce solutions that bridge utilities’ need for demand optimization with customers’ desire for convenient, clean, intelligent and mobile energy services and greater control over their energy usage.

Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software is an end-to-end solution — including open source software running on an Intel technology-based gateway and a cloud platform — with the interoperability and scalability necessary to capitalize on what Intel estimates to be a USD 300 billion savings opportunity for utilities.

Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software integrates easily with a variety of third-party solutions to collect and analyze customers’ energy usage at the edge, giving utilities the real-time and forecasted load information they need to optimize their services. At the same time, the technology empowers customers with smart home devices and services that can not only simplify their lives but also help them optimize their energy consumption.

How It Works

Before discussing its benefits, let’s take a closer look at how Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software works, from edge to cloud.

Inside the home, Intel’s partners install and support smart home devices from a variety of manufacturers that provide the comfort and convenience customers crave. All the devices connect to an Intel technology-based gateway and Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software Edge Analytics Engine that calculates the capacity, future availability and flexibility of electric loads in the home.

Middleware from various providers serves as the “smart home engine,” managing communications from the home to the utility and back. Intel designed Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software using a nonproprietary, open source approach that makes it easy to integrate third-party solutions.

Further analytics are performed in the cloud by the Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software Demand Response and Optimization Engine, which determines the availability of loads, optimizes loads based on grid conditions and verifies the loads delivered to the utility. That information on connected homes gives utilities the demand flexibility they need to lower costs, and gives customers the ability to manage their electricity usage and production in response to fluctuating energy prices.

Why It Works
Many companies are attempting to take advantage of this opportunity, but only Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software offers this unique combination of advantages:
Interoperability: The technology is device and manufacturer agnostic. It has an open reference architecture that makes it possible to connect legacy devices and technologies in a decentralized, hybrid compute solution.
Security: Performing analytics at the edge keeps personal data within the home — there’s no need to send it to the cloud. In addition, Intel’s “security by design” practices aim to build security into every layer, from device to gateway to cloud.
Compute power: As the number of connected devices in homes rises, previous cloud-centric approaches will struggle with the rising cost of transporting, processing and storing all the data. This, coupled with limited bandwidth and users’ privacy concerns, is driving more demand for compute at the edge, which has been a strength of Intel for years, as seen in solutions such as Intel field programmable gate arrays (Intel FPGAs) and Intel Atom processors.
Scalability: Intel is a technology leader with resources and experience in every country of the world, and Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software is a globally scalable solution that can be used in any market and tailored to meet regionally specific requirements.

The electric utility industry is changing fast — and now is the time to take advantage of that change. For utilities, Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software offers an opportunity to optimize the value of every connected home, open new revenue streams and win new and retain existing customers. Likewise, the technology represents an unprecedented opportunity for ISVs and device manufacturers to work with Intel, take advantage of the interoperable and scalable design and offer unique services that help them stand out from the competition.

Capitalize on the Opportunity
Learn more about Intel Energy Collective Optimization Software and how Intel is driving the future of the electric utility grid.  Read the brief.

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